8 Best Outdoor Activities in and Around Sunny Isles

Posted on: September 30, 2023

Miami Beach is a bustling city that has so much to offer. People travel far and wide to experience the extraordinary food, vibrant art scene, and spectacular white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The real estate is something to marvel at as well, with the Art Deco and Mediterranean-inspired architecture complimenting the colorful landscape.

Sunny Isles sits directly north of Miami Beach and in proximity to other amazing establishments and areas. Whether you are the recreational type or prefer more leisurely outings, an outdoor adventure awaits.

Move your body and go paddleboarding or kayaking

Water sports shops are abundant around Sunny Isles beaches, with the option to rent paddleboards, kayaks, and more. If it's your first time, Sunny Isles Beach Water Sports offers lessons for beginners. Stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking have low-impact workouts and will help boost your cardiovascular health. If fitness isn't your goal, it provides another magical perspective for exploring the ocean. You may even have the chance to see fish, sting rays, or dolphins up close and personal.

Relax on a private boat tour

Not in the mood for doing the heavy lifting yourself? Schedule a private boat tour with Dolphin Water Sport. You'll be able to relax and enjoy the ride with your very own captain navigating the waters. They have a variety of boat options that come with water toys and champagne. Whether you are looking to get out of the house for a quick cruise or want to make a day of it with friends and family, they will cater to your needs. It's the quintessential Florida experience that everyone will love. If you're looking to take it up a notch, Boat Cruiser has yacht rentals with some impressive amenities.

Explore Oleta River State Park

Florida's largest metropolitan park, Oleta River State Park, is a wilderness lover's dream. The river passes through the park with mangroves, a protective species of tropical plants. You'll also find native flora and fauna, such as black crabs, herons, egrets, and dolphins. Depending on the season, you may even encounter manatees. The earth comes alive here, providing a serene atmosphere to kayak, mountain bike, hike, picnic, or camp.

Stroll around Gateway Market

Who doesn't love a fabulous farmers market? There's an array of arts and crafts, live music, fresh produce, and many other activities to enjoy. You also get to take in the scenery with the savory aroma of food cooking in the air. Farmers markets are also a fantastic way to boost the local economy and support small businesses. The Gateway Market happens every Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. It's the perfect midweek treat with fantastic cuisine. When the market isn't on, Gateway Park's butterfly garden, playground, and picnic tables are still accessible.

Cruise through the Everglades on an airboat

Get away from the busy Miami crowds and sign up for an airboat tour through Everglades National Park. The Everglades spans over 1.5 million acres of southern Florida. It provides a variety of habitats for hundreds of animal and plant species. If you've ever wanted to spot an alligator in the wild, this is your best chance, as the Everglades are home to over 200,000. An airboat tour is a safe and educational way to explore one of the United States’ most important ecosystems. Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and nightlife, but a whole other part is even more alive — deep inside the Everglades' freshwater marshes.

Find serenity at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Experience a little taste of Italy at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The home itself is a historical and cultural landmark that blends European architecture with that of Miami. Originally a house built by industrialist James Deering in the early 1900s, this extravagant estate is now a museum that showcases prestigious paintings, antiques, and other rare furnishings. This 10-acre, 70-room mansion sits on the water and boasts a lush garden you only see in the movies. Be sure to purchase your ticket beforehand and check out the cafe and gift shop.

Observe an outdoor museum

"Outdoor" and "museum" are two words you don't usually hear in the same sentence. However, Miami's Wynwood neighborhood is a world-class art destination with multiple exhibits and buildings that showcase incredible graffiti art. Walking around the neighborhood solo is a magical experience. You can also schedule an interactive tour with a guide who will teach you all about the area and its influence on Miami's art scene. Don't forget to check out the local shops and restaurants for unique goods and delicious food.

Indulge in a tranquil yoga experience

Yoga is one of the most calming and restorative exercises you can do for your mind, body, and soul. There’s nothing more serene than staring into the ocean's vastness while getting a workout in. Practicing yoga has many benefits, including improving vitality, increasing strength and flexibility, and relieving stress. Many local yoga studios offer yoga and meditation classes on the beach, which are free.

For Sunny Isles expertise, seek Vanessa Frank

There are a wide range of fun and invigorating things to do in Sunny Isles. From unique escapades exploring Florida's wildlife to more luxurious adventures that include sipping champagne on a yacht — whatever your preferences are, there's something for everyone. Sunny Isles and the Miami area are also among the most cultural and electric places in the U.S.

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