Why Some Realtors Find Homes on MLS Before Anyone Else

Posted on: July 4, 2023

In today's highly competitive real estate market, buyers need every advantage they can get to find a home they love, with fair pricing and in the right area. In response, realtors are increasingly improving tactics in their search for a home. Many stretch their search beyond traditional means, such as driving through neighborhoods and establishing referral networks with other brokers and agents. As a result, there has been a surge in listing sites that allow realtors to find homes for sale. Some of them, such as the Multiple Listing Service, MLS, are exclusive to real estate agents and offer more information than general online listing sites.

What does the Multiple Listing Service mean?

The MLS is a network of databases that provides realtors with comprehensive listings of homes for sale. The idea behind this network was born in the late 1800s when real estate brokers would physically meet at their local association's offices to discuss their listings. The concept was straightforward: they would help sell each other's listings. Today, this idea has evolved into a network of 800 databases all linked to one another, making it possible to provide realtors with information about homes for sale anywhere, anytime.

Of all the search alternatives available to them, many realtors find the MLS to be a vital part of their endeavor to find homes for sale. However, some find greater success using the MLS than others. Realtors employ the following strategies to gain early access to coveted listings.

Proactive market monitoring

Some realtors pay more attention to real estate market trends that can affect the availability of listings in their area, leaving them in a position to find homes for sale earlier than other realtors. For them, what is generally construed as normal events, such as upcoming developments and changes in zoning regulations, is an essential part of their homes search strategy.

They are aware that these factors can result in available listings. Unlike most realtors, those implementing proactive market monitoring will even analyze factors that could trigger people to want to move away from a certain neighborhood. That way, they can approach the seller before other realtors, thereby getting ahead of the competition.

Thorough data analysis and local market knowledge

For some realtors, it is a matter of analyzing data to identify potential sellers. This usually involves studying past listing trends and finding out what caused or influenced them. Other patterns and trends they may use to gain valuable insights into the market include sales data, other market reports, and economic indicators. Industry professionals have experience in analyzing data, using it to spot upcoming trends or make predictions about the future. Many can tell which homeowners will be more inclined to sell and when.

Proactive research

Many realtors are not content with solely relying on their observations and assumptions about the market. Realtors take notice of small changes in the lives of homeowners and their neighborhoods that can incline them to sell their properties. That way, the realtor and their client will have the time and opportunity to react accordingly. Realtors will utilize resources such as public records, online forums, social media, and networking events to gather information about potential sellers. One of their strategies is identifying homeowners facing financial distress, properties with foreclosure proceedings, and rental homes with low turnover rates in their area. This enables them to identify potential sellers likely to list their homes, thereby getting a head start.

Proximity to other realtors

One benefit of working closely with other real estate professionals is that they can help one another in their effort to find homes for sale. Those who are geographically close to one another may benefit from pooling their knowledge and resources to carry out their home search efforts. They may turn to each other for information and help with certain activities, such as preparing and submitting offers. Realtors can strengthen their relationships with other industry professionals and their knowledge of the market by attending industry events, such as networking events, trade shows, and conferences. As a result, they enjoy early access to market information, including potential sellers and off-market opportunities.

Having a network of real estate professionals

Some realtors take a positive approach to networking. They understand the value of collaboration and actively cultivate relationships with various professionals within the real estate industry, including home inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, contractors, and mortgage brokers. These professionals may provide them with insight into upcoming listings. For example, a contractor may have been hired to take up a home renovation project as part of staging a home and will be in a position to pass on that information to the realtor. In addition, these professionals can help the realtor tap into off-market listings.

Active marketing and advertising

Some realtors take the extra initiative of stretching marketing funds to reach more potential sellers. They may use their online presence through their websites and social media accounts to inform people about their services. This allows them to target homeowners looking to sell their homes specifically. Referrals can also help them receive leads from homeowners selling their properties but have yet to officially list them. Others invest in targeted advertising campaigns, including online advertising on popular real estate websites and local publications, giving them early access to listings.

Experience and reputation

Every homeowner wants to sell their home through a competent, experienced, and reliable realtor. Those who have made a name in their area by serving home sellers well should be able to find homes for sale before the others.

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